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Sensory Bags and Ambiguous Play

We can’t predict the ways in which other people will use the things we create. In my day-to-day work, the most I can hope is that I have created a compelling opportunity for interaction. Something whose aesthetics are welcoming, beckoning people to come closer, to touch, to manipulate, and to expand what already exists into something new.

I’ve been working on sensory bags, initially designed for preschool children to explore their finger dexterity, but infinitely interesting and soothing for people of all ages. Be mesmerized by the flow of glittery gel through your fingertips. Be calmed by the cool plastic crinkling under your palms. Be befuddled by the ephemeral nature of your impressions into the object.

Have fun.

Relish in the ambiguity of what you are doing.

Enjoy the opportunity to engage with something unpredictable.