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Interfacing: Meet and Build

I spent the month of February as artist-in-residence with Sunset Art Studios in Oak Cliff. It's been a while since I pushed myself to create so much content in so little time, and even longer since I've had any kind of show.

Knowing I had the space and support to create whatever I wanted pushed me to consider my goals. What do I want to make? What do I want to say? How do I want this to relate to the surrounding community? What could I learn from this experience? How do I want people to look at and interact with what I make?

It was luxurious to just nestle into those questions once the persistent issue of access to space and resources was answered. Out of that cozy burrow came my latest project: Interfacing: Meet and Build. I hope I can continue instances of this interactive, performative installation because it was just so much fun!

Major thanks to Rachel Rushing, Emily Riggert, and Ryan Rushing of Sunset Art Studios for the space, the support, and the fabulous photos!

Alli Rogers